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Thor the Mighty Avenger Slots!


The modern comic hero Thor was created by Stan Lee in 1962. Thor appeared regularly in Marvel Comics and by 2011, the Norse super hero was a hit movie. The Mighty Avengers asked him to join their team and in 2012 they conquered the box office, breaking records all over the world.

Thor the Mighty Avenger is a fresh, new 5 reel, 30 payline slot game. You'll find Thunderstorm Respins, Lightning Free Spins, and Scorching Multipliers.

Marvel Slots fans will be happy to see that Thor comes with 4 Progressive Jackpots. Win the Ultimate Power Jackpot and you'll become an instant millionaire! Thor has so many Marvel-ous feature - read below and you'll be ready to win.

Thor's Hammer Symbols & More!

Chris Hemsworth stars as Thor in the slot game (like in the movies). There's no mistaking his Australian-Viking beard. He is also the Wild Symbol of the game. Match 5 Wilds for 5,000 coins. Thor also activates Thunderstorm Respins.

The all-seeing and all-hearing Heimdall launches free spins via Rainbow Bridge and is worth 250 coins when matched 5 times. Thor's father, Odin, is worth 1,000 coins and his adopted brother and nemesis Loki is worth 500 coins for 5 matches.

Star Wars fans will be happy to see Natalie Portman's character, Jane Foster, play a small role in the Thor slot game. Match 5 Natalie Portman's for 150 coins. Shouldn't matching Natalie Portman be worth a jackpot?

Thor's Mighty Payouts

Help Thor!

Watch out for all the action on the reels! When the Special Thor Symbol appears on the 2nd reel, you've won your way to the Thunderstorm Respin Bonus. You get 1 Respin with reel 2 frozen and covered with wilds.

When the same Special Thor symbol covers the 4th reel, you're in the Lightning Free Spin Bonus. You get 1 Respin. During your Lightning Free Spin, between 2 and 5 wilds will randomly appear on the reels. Keep your eyes open for those wilds - they can have a big impact on your winnings!

Keep your eyes open for the Marvel Multi-Level Mystery Progressive Jackpot. You can win 1 of 4 progressive jackpots! The top 2 Marvel progressives are creating millionaires all the time.

Free Spins & Progressive Jackpots!

Thor's Rainbow Bridge Game!

When Heimdall covers the 3rd reel in the main game or during free spins, your on your way to the Rainbow Bridge Bonus Game. If you aren't a fan of the Thor comic, Heimdall is the Gatekeeper of the Rainbow Bridge.

You get to choose between 1 of 2 orbs in order to reveal your next destination. You're either going to end up at Earth or Jotunheim.

If you make it to Jotumheim, you get free spins infinitely until Heimdall covers all of the 3rd reel. Then you are taken back to the main game or back to Earth for more free spins.

The same thing happens if you are taken to Earth - you get infinite free spins until Heimdall covered the 3rd reel. What a cool way to collect winnings!

Infinite Free Spins!

Mighty Payouts!

Thor The Mighty Avenger slots game gets 5 stars from our reviewers. Infinite Free Spins?! Are you kidding me? No, we're not. Thor features not one, but two chances at infinite free spins.

The single free respin feature can't compare with the above, but consider the value of a free respin with multiple wilds on the reels.

All of those respins can easily translate into more winnings. And how can we close without mentioning the 4 progressive jackpots!! Win 1 of those and you're gonna have a mighty bank account.

Thor The Mighty Avenger is full of hammer sized jackpots and winnings. What are you waiting for? Click and play now!

Thor's Mighty Jackpots

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